NJ Court Rules: New Attorney Identification Number Requirement

Effective September 1, 2013, all New Jersey attorneys must include their attorney identification number in the space above the case caption at the left-hand margin of the first sheet of every paper filed with the court.

This new requirement is set forth in R. 1:4-1(b), which now reads:

Format; Addresses. At the top of the first page of each paper filed, a blank space of approximately 3 inches shall be reserved for notations of receipt and filing by the clerk. Above the caption at the left-hand margin of the first sheet of every paper to be filed there shall be printed or typed the name and the New Jersey attorney identification number  of the attorney filing the paper, office address and telephone number or, if a party is appearing pro se, the name of such party, residence address and telephone number. No paper shall bear an attorney’s post office box number in lieu of a street address. An attorney or pro se party shall advise the court and all other parties of a change of address or telephone number if such occurs during the pendency of an action.

If you do not know your attorney identification number, then simply type your first and last name in the NJ Attorney Index.

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